A DUTCH artist, resident in the North-East, is showing her work for the first time in the UK at a Teesdale gallery.

Eva Meenhorst found she had some time to devote to painting when the youngest of her four children started nursery last year.

Her work has gone on display at the NeST, in Newgate, Barnard Castle, and the nearby Witham arts complex.

She paints with oils and concentrates on two styles, abstract and female figures and her work is characterised by the use of large canvases.

“I only started when my youngest was going to nursery. I always wanted to paint and there were no more excuses, so I said to myself I am going to do it,” said Ms Meenhorst.

“I only wanted to paint for myself, but other people saw my work and I was asked to paint for them.”

She heard about the NeST Gallery, which caters for emerging artists and those wishing to establish themselves, through resident photographer Kate Mitford.

Ms Meenhorst moved to the region two years ago when her husband went into business supplying biomas boilers and the family now lives in Yarm.

Her paintings are on show until the end of March. Examples of her work are online at meenhorst.nl