FOURTEEN pupils from an independent school in Teesside have made top grades after taking their Maths GCSE exams early.

Eight pupils from Teesside High School gained A* grades in the exam and six gained A grades after sitting the exam before the summer.

A* pupils included Kirsty Dey, Rebecca Donaldson, Fateh Gill (CORRECT), Charlotte Kendrick, Olivia Maude, Callum McMahon, Emily Parker and Emily Roach.

Lucy Augur, Bethany Bryan, Rachel Danks, Brogan Kerr, Bethany McLaine and Gemma Thompson all achieved A grades.

Teesside High School head teacher Deborah Duncan said: “Our students have worked and studied very hard with expert guidance from their teacher, Mrs Mardon, to produce these excellent results. We look forward to further success in June when the students sit their GCSE Further Mathematics examinations.