A FAMILY could be making their way into the record books as the oldest in the world.

The Brudenell family, originally hailing from Eston, near Middlesbrough, has 10 living siblings and their combined ages total 854.

The Guinness World Record for the oldest family in the world is 828, the combined age of nine siblings of a family in Italy.

The Brudenell family may now enter the record books.

One of the younger siblings, Jean Ewart said: “We couldn’t really believe it when we found out that we were the oldest. We were all really chuffed and it is very exciting that we are going to be in the World Records.”

The family members are: Bernadette Lowrie, 89, a retired maid from Grangetown; William Brudenell, 87, a retired steel-fixer from Eston; Winifred Devine, 83, from Redcar, Mary Tipping, 80, a farmer’s wife from Pickering; May Clarkson, 79, a retired cleaner from Redcar; Vincent Brudenell, 78, a retired civil contractor from Eston; James Brudenell, 76, retired steelworker from Ormesby; Marion Campbell, 74, from Redcar; Jean Ewart, 71, from Redcar; John Brudenell, 69, from Redcar; and Robert Brudenell, 68, from Eston.

Between the siblings they have 44 children and 28 grandchildren and great grandchildren.

They also lost two siblings – Bernard, who died aged just 14 months, and Patrick, who died aged 69.

The family’s parents were the late Elisa and William Brudenell.

Mrs Campbell said: “We are a very close family and get together quite often. We always keep in touch with each other and look out for each other.”

A Guinness World Records spokesman said: “The highest combined age of nine living siblings which is 828 years and 45 days. We would welcome an application from the Brudenell family.”