A CHURCH that pledged to donate half the money it raised for much-needed building work to good causes has given away £200,000.

King’s Church launched its 50/50 fund two years ago to raise enough money create a new auditorium, sports hall and extra offices at its base on Prospect Place off Whessoe Road, Darlington.

Rather than use the fund purely to pay for the development, the church decided to give half away and has so far donated £200,000 to local causes such as sports clubs, foodbanks and homeless organisations, as well as overseas projects.

The other half of the fund paid for the building work which is set to be officially unveiled in March.

Phil Hilsdon, King’s Church team leader, said: “When we set up the fund we had no idea how much would come in or who we would give the money to.

“As a church that places great importance on its local community and church family it has been great to assist worthy causes, in the town, the region, nationally and internationally.

“People often see the church as a place constantly in need of bringing funds in, which is essential for many local churches to survive and certainly no different for Kings Church, it is so humbling and a privilege to be able to be a church that also gives funds away.”

Despite the completion of the necessary work, the fund will remain open to pay for ongoing maintenance and future building projects and any money collected will continue to be halved for the benefit of worthy causes.