BOAT owners in a North Yorkshire harbor town may soon have to reduce the amount of signs advertising leisure cruises due to a council proposal.

If the Scarborough Borough Council proposal is approved, from Monday, January 13, Whitby boat owners will only be able to advertise next to their vessels.

Harbour Board chairman, Coun Mike Cockerill, said more and more signs have appeared in recent months, and restrictions are required before the situation gets out of hand.

“It’s starting to look untidy,” he said. “Members of the public have also expressed concern about the safety aspect.”

Coun Cockerill said he believed most existing signs would fall within the two metre squared restrictions.

A report compiled by Whitby Harbour Master Ian Vasey suggests the signage has now become visually “overbearing” and creates a cluttered appearance. He also suggests A-frame boards could present obstacles to pedestrians, and should not be permitted.

The report suggests that signage should only be allowed adjacent to the embarkation point for each vessel. Signs should also be no larger than two square metres, which may be split over a maximum of two sign boards.