SOME pages of notes found in a market town are not the survey into its castle’s crumbling walls, says the partnership which has organised the document.

The notes regarding Barnard Castle’s walls were found in the town sometime last month and posted on social networking site Facebook, yesterday (Monday).

A statement released today (Tuesday) by the three parties said the pages were not part of any formal report, which has yet to be completed.

It said: “Compiling a report will not be possible until the full survey is finished.

“The second stage of the survey involves a more in depth look at the condition of the walls and will begin in the next two weeks.

“The work to date has been more visual in nature, using cameras and surface inspections accompanied by thorough research on the history of the site.

“The parties involved have already promised to share the findings of the formal survey with Barnard Castle Town Council and the public as soon as the work is completed and the report is written later this year.”

But a member of the public, who passed the document onto The Northern Echo and wished to remain anonymous, said: “If those pages were part of the survey, why were they left lying around in Barnard Castle and if they weren’t, then why has an official document been left lying around in the town during the holidays.”