A YOUNG James Herriot fan in Russia has been sent a Russian-language version of one of Alf Wight’s well-loved novels.

The World of James Herriot visitor centre in Thirsk received a request from a woman in Russia who wanted a version of James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small for her two-year-old son Vyacheslav Shishlyannikova – Slava for short.

His mum Tanya, from Voronezh Oblast, 600km south of Moscow, said she and her son were keen James Herriot fans.

World of James Herriot managing director Ian Ashton said “We were able to forward the Russian language version of the book in time for Christmas so that Slava’s mum can have it wrapped and ready for the big day. Tanya confirmed its arrival and she is delighted.”

James Herriot’s books have been translated into many languages, most recently Russian and Chinese, and this request has come not long after a visit to the centre by a group from the High School of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg, Russia.

The attraction recently launched the James Herriot Statue and Legacy Fund, an initiative to encourage people interested in animal welfare and veterinary work inspired by James Herriot.