A PROUD North-East grandfather has had his first book published at the grand old age of 82.

Keith Wilson, who is originally from Darlington, made a sudden literary leap into the publishing industry when his historic novel, Letters from the Past, was published on December 1.

Full of secrets, spies, romance, murder and mystery, the novel has been described by reviewers as a gripping adventure and is set during the English Civil War.

This is Mr Wilson's first historical novel, but he is hoping that this is not the end and he is determined to push himself even further by writing a sequel.

His son, Adrian said: "We are all so proud of my father, he's spent many years both researching and writing the book.

"What a wonderful achievement and what an unputtabledownable book it is too."

Providing a thrill for anyone who is a fan of historical fiction, war novels or romance, Mr Wilson Sr feels Letters From The Past would make for an extremely good post-Christmas buy.

The novel ispacked with curiosity, mystery and romance and takes the reader back to the country's darker days during the Civil War.

One of Mr Wilson's Sr main interests is history and he was inspired into writing the novel after reading about the English Civil War.

It was during the 1970s and 1980s while living in Gosforth, West Cumbria, that he started to write the novel.

Taking the reader between different centuries, Letters from the Past is set largely in South Northamptonshire, because it was here where Mr Wilson Sr's father served as an Air Ministry Policeman, guarding the RAF maintenance unit hangars.

Although Mr Wilson Sr now lives in Powys, Wales, he says that Darlington still makes him feel as though he is at home, especially because there are members of his close family and some of his friends still living in the area.

He said: "Whenever I visit my daughter, who lives close to Darlington, I feel as though I've come home."

Paperback copies of the books are now on sale, priced £9.99, which includes postage and packaging, or you the eBook version is available for £3.99.

For more information, visit keithjwilson.co.uk or visit the book's Facebook page at facebook.com/pages/Letters-from-the-Past/619858324725110