CCTV cameras are to be turned off in a North Yorkshire market town after the plug was pulled on funding by the local council.

Last year, Pickering town council cut the £1,800 annual contribution made towards Ryedale Cameras in Action, a charity set up 16 years ago to manage the CCTV cameras for the area.

It was hoped businesses in the town would pick up the bill, but no money has been forthcoming and the charity says it now has no choice but to switch off the cameras.

Martin Dales, chairman of Ryedale Cameras in Action said: "We hope this is purely a temporary measure, but the service needs funding particularly as the costs of line rental to get the CCTV pictures to and from Pickering take up half the charity’s costs each year.

“We do wonder whether the people of Pickering really want to see CCTV coverage disappear from their town at this time, especially as Ryedale Cameras in Action is looking to expand its operations to one of 24/7 coverage every day of the year, along with possible extensions to the other Ryedale market towns and other commercial premises.”

Mr Dales said neighbouring council’s, including Hambleton and York, had made significant investment in their CCTV.