FILM fans have the chance to enjoy a uniquely hair raising experience in Darlington next week.

Members of the cast and crew of the horror classic Hellraiser and its sequel Hellbound will be on hand for a blood curdling double-bill.

The screening has been organised by Darlington Film Club and takes place at the Forum Music Centre, in the town's Borough Road, on Monday.

Fans will also have a unique opportunity to ask questions of Simon Bamford and Barbie Wilde, who played two of the film's cenobites, beings from another dimension who thrive on pain.

Actor Simon Bamford, whose character, Butterball, appears in both films, also played a leading role in Nightbreed, another cult horror hit written by author Clive Barker.

Also taking part is special effects maestro Cliff Wallace who will reveal the secrets behind Hellraiser's gruesome make-up designs. Fans will also be able to discuss his later films including 28 Weeks Later, Clash of the Titans, Hellboy 2, World War Z and Doctor Who.

Doors open for the devilish double bill at 5pm and the event kicks off at 5.30pm with an introduction before the first screening. The first question and answer session begins at 7.10pm. Afterwards, the VIPs will be signing autographs in the bar area.

Tickets cost £20 each and include an exclusive poster just for this event.