CHILDREN from across Darlington have been given lessons in how to get to school safely in the hope that they can help their classmates make better transport choices.

Eight Darlington primary schools - Heighington, Federation of Abbey, Firthmoor, High Coniscliffe, Northwood, Mowden, West Park Academy and St John’s - signed up to the event, organised by Team Local Motion.

In total, 54 year six pupils, who are about to move up to secondary schools, attended the event at the Dolphin Centre which focused on travel planning, including walking and cycling routes and public transport timetables.

Pupils were taught how to catch the bus and train safely via a DVD safety hazard session and took part in a practice journey from North Road station to build up independent life skills and lessen their reliance on car transport.

Councillor David Lyonette, member for transport at Darlington Borough Council, said: “This is the second year we have delivered the junior travel ranger training and are confident it was as big a success as last year.

“It is important that we as adults empower our children to make safe travel choices and deliver the appropriate knowledge and skills to do so”

The children have officially become Junior Travel Rangers and were tasked with helping classmates plan journeys to secondary schools using sustainable alternatives to travelling by car.