TALENTED students have got creative and helped Durham Police to redesign their Pact logo.

A group of thirty art and design students at Darlington College were asked to create a new logo for Durham Police’s Police and Communities Together (Pact) meetings.

Their work was later judged by Durham Police’s Deputy Chief Constable, Michael Banks, and Darlington Neighbourhood Inspector, Mick Button.

The pair selected 12 poster designs for each month of the year, but chose 21-year-old Matt Hall’s design as their overall winner.

Mr Banks said: “I have been absolutely bowled over by the standard, quality and creativity of all the work.

“But I singled out Matt because I loved the concept of the raised hands and the fact his design was the most versatile.”

His image of outstretched hands will now be used across County Durham and Darlington to promote the forces regular Pact meetings, which give residents the chance to discuss crime and issues affecting their area with their local officers.

Mr Hall, who is aiming for a career in graphic design, said: “I was really surprised and delighted to win. I have always enjoyed working in a creative environment.

“With this design I actually came up with the slogan first, Raise a Hand, and the image followed from there.”

All students will receive a certificate from the police and the winning 12 will be awarded commendations from the Chief Constable at the force’s headquarters in Aykley Heads.

For more information on Pact meetings in your area, visit durham.police.uk