A SINGLE, unemployed mother has published her first children’s book.

Inspired by the likes of JK Rowling, who was a struggling single mother when she wrote the Harry Potter books, Natalie Potter, 30, of Norton, near Stockton, has self-published just 20 copies.

Called Bingo’s Adventure is tells the story of a vole who discovers friendship on an adventure but, in the end, goes home to his mummy.

Ms Potter, an artist with a degree in interior design, explained the book was a definite hit with her three-year-old son, Aiden (CORRECT).

She said: “It’s hard to find an agent or a publisher when you’re up here, but I really believe in it.”

Bingo’s Adventure costs £4.99 and is suitable for three to seven-year-olds. A Kindle edition can be bought on Amazon. A shop or chain would be able to order as many copies as they wanted. There’s also a digital version available on Amazon.