DARLINGTON students are preparing for a life-changing trip to Africa with a series of fundraising events.

A group of pupils from the Darlington School of Mathematics and Science (DSMS) will set out to help disadvantaged people in Kenya in June 2014.

During their trip to the Nakuru area, the students will teach local people, coach sports and work on construction projects.

Head teacher Calvin Kipling said: “Some of the students who are going have never been on a plane before. The adventure fulfils an aim of DSMS to expose students to life-changing experiences.

"In this country you can be considered disadvantaged if you can’t afford the latest X-Box. In Africa getting a clean glass of water is the challenge.

"When the children return, they will share their amazing experiences with the rest of the school.”

Student James Allison said: “It isn’t every day that you get the opportunity to go to Africa to help others and it’s going to be a great experience.”

The group of 21 pupils, backed by their school, will spend the next 18 months fundraising to meet the £30,000 cost of the trip.

On Friday, March 1, the school will stage a race night at Darlington Arena. The night, which is expected to raise £1,500, will see visitors gamble on a series of virtual horse races.

For more information on the race night or sponsorship opportunities contact 01325-380776 or email bane@dsms.org.