YOUNG environmentlaists gave their parents a green lesson in school this week.

A special rainforest presentation created by pupils at West Park Academy was designed to inspire families to do more to look after the planet.

The presentation – a culmination of weeks of work – featured a ‘live from the Amazon’ broadcast as well as music and audio-visual displays.

The year three children explored themes relating to ecology, geography and the environment and showcased their knowledge of exotic and endangered animals.

The environmental message was hammered home when children jointly recited: “The skins look better on tigers, jaguars and pythons than they do us.”

Parents were treated to an exhibition of their children’s work and were given the opportunity to buy from a number of stalls selling fruit, cakes and reusable bags.

Teacher Sarah Savage said: “We started with a project entitled ‘is it a wonderful world’ and it developed from there. The children loved it and it has been the most popular topic we have tackled so far.

“They really wanted to do something that raised money to save the rainforests and the Co-op donated the fruit. From this they have increased their awareness of something that is the other side of the world but, through climate change, affects them in Darlington.”

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