A BLIND RESCUE puppy has found a new home.

Tiny terrier Bella was born completely blind and was handed to the Dogs Trust in Darlington when her owners could not care for her.

Staff were concerned that they would struggle to find a home for the six-month-old pup, fearing that her disability could put off potential owners.

However, after a month capturing the hearts of staff at the rehoming centre, Bella was spotted by Lindsey Claydon, who fell in love with the puppy’s zest for life.

Ms Claydon said: “As soon as I was introduced to Bella I knew she was the only dog for me…The fact that she is blind has never been an issue because I expected adopting any dog to have certain challenges so I have only ever considered that Bella’s condition makes her extra special and unique.”

Ledean Lawson, Dogs Trust Darlington Supporter Relations Officer said: “Some people will overlook any dogs that have any slight health problem. Even with her fantastic personality we did worry that it may be difficult to find Bella a home, so we are absolutely delighted that she has found the perfect life with Lindsay.”