A BURGLAR was jailed after the home of his friend's parents was ransacked and thousands of pounds worth of possessions were stolen.

John Eeles was found "passed out" on his bed hours later when the break-in was discovered, Teesside Crown Court was told today (Monday, February 25).

He claimed his flat-mate, the son of the victims, turned the house upside down and left the property in a bag for him to collect.

Prosecutor Rachel Masters said police investigated the 30-year-old's claims, but no further action was taken against the other man.

Eeles, of Buttsfield Way, Billingham, near Stockton, was jailed for two years and three months after he admitted a charge of burglary.

His lawyer, Peter Wishlade, said his flat-mate had been involved in the planning of the raid in Stockton on November 23 last year.

He said Eeles had got involved with drugs again after moving in with his friend following social services intervention in his family.

An earlier traumatic time - when his partner was killed in an accident - had led to Eeles committing another burglary, said Mr Wishlade.

The court heard how £2,000 worth of jewellery was taken along with a DVD player, camera, mobile phone and lap-top computer and bag.

Some of the jewellery was later found in Eeles' pockets, while the electrical goods were discovered in his car, said Miss Masters.

Mr Wishlade told Judge Michael Taylor that Eeles had regularly sold stolen items for the other man - lots take from his parents.

Judge Taylor told Eeles: "You went in knowing full well the intention was to remove the property and sell it - a mean and petty offence."

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