SUPPORTERS of a campaign to see Richard III brought back to York have said they will keep fighting to have him re-buried there.

Some have said the Dean of York, the Very Reverend Vivienne Faull, is biased in her belief that the 15th Century king should remain in Leicester because she had until recently been Dean of Leicester.

There are currently three online petitions in support of bringing Richard III to York for re-burial.

Roseofyork commented on a recent Northern Echo story: “Richard III must go to York where he wished to lie.

“He spent most of his short life in Yorkshire and was a much loved Lord of the North.

“The only connection Richard had with Leicester is that it was the place where he was hacked to death and murdered defending his country.

“The law pertaining to archaeological bodies was never meant for a tragic king of England -he belongs to us all not a city council who have admitted to wanting him for tourist purposes.”

However Kernowoggie said: “It looks like common sense will prevail and his bones will be interred in Leicester.

“Richard III’s bones should remain in the midlands where his memory has been honoured consistently over many years and not due to any desired status or financial profit.”

The petitions can be found at;; and