THE Marx brothers are set to make a major impact when they are officially revealed at their new home.

Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo, are just like the famous brothers except for the fact they are young meerkats.

The brothers, who are named after the Hollywood film stars, are the latest recruits to Kirkleatham Owl Centre’s meerkat family, will be making their debut during half term.

Craig Wesson says Groucho is huge and all set to be the big dominant male while Harpo and Chico are a playful twosome and then there’s little Zeppo - the smallest of the bunch and maybe not the brightest.

The centre manager added: ''Our group had dropped in number to just two individuals, one male and one female. With meerkats preferring to live in large clans we thought it was about time we build our group up.

“The four brothers were born at Tropical World in Leeds and with a growing population there, these four were looking for a group of their own.”