VILLAGERS were left in dismay after sledgers left a local beauty spot devastated.

During the recent snowy weather, thrill-seekers rushed to Freebrough Hill in Moorsholm, near Saltburn.

Now, local residents are up in arms after inconsiderate sledgers tore up nearby verges and tracks to park and left rubbish and debris – including stolen street signs used as impromptu sledges - in their wake.

Councillor Steve Kay, who lives in the village, said: “We like people to come to Moorsholm to enjoy themselves but we ask them to leave the village as they find it. There is no excuse for this thoughtless and inconsiderate behaviour. Moorsholm is proud of its magnificent ‘in Bloom’ achievements and we don’t want our splendid village spoilt by visitors who have no empathy with the countryside.”

Moorsholm resident, Jean Bainbridge added: “I’m absolutely disgusted with these people. They come to a beauty spot, like Freebrough Hill, and then leave all their rubbish behind, bottles, cans, cartons, broken sledges, sheets of plastic and even road signs.

"To let their dogs off the lead in sheep country is a blatant act of cruelty.”