A CRIME prevention officer has issued advice about how to keep sheds and outhouses secure and prevent items being stolen.

Darlington Police have urged people not to store high value items in sheds, garages or outbuildings if they can be kept inside a house instead.

If there is no alternative to keeping it in a shed, the crime prevention officer for Darlington’s neighbourhood police team has asked people to consider the following: - Install a shed alarm – these can be added to an existing house alarm system or use a stand-alone battery powered unit which omits a siren when activated.

- Install a ground/wall anchor, a steel loop that is fixed to a solid floor or wall so cables can be threaded through to secure lawnmowers, pedal cycle and power tools.

- Fit lights to the perimeter of the shed For more information contact the Darlington Safer Neighbourhoods Unit on 01325-346832.