A DECISION on how noise levels will be monitored at a wind farm near Darlington has been delayed.

Darlington Borough Council’s cabinet committee held a special meeting on Wednesday (February 6) to discuss an application to remove a planning condition for the planned six-turbine Moor House wind farm development, near Sadberge.

However, the meeting was adjourned after less than a minute, after committee members agreed to take more time to digest paperwork supplied by the developer, Banks Renewables.

Work has yet to start on the wind farm, which was granted planning permission in 2011.

Banks Renewables wants to remove a condition in the planning permission about the prevention and management of amplitude modulation (AM), a noise side-effect of some wind farms which can cause frustration and sleep deprivation for nearby residents.

The Durham-based company is confident any AM can be kept under control through an environment management plan (EMP).

A detailed plan has been submitted to the committee and is now being considered in greater detail.

Mark Dowdall, Banks’ director of environment, said: “We are trying to ensure that the local authority and the local community have robust controls over noise, including AM.

“The consensus among experts on wind farms is that a planning condition is not the best mechanism for delivering that.”

Mr Dowdall said an EMP was a more effective way of monitoring AM, as it could be amended on an ongoing basis depending on need.

Alistair Mackenzie, clerk to Sadberge parish council, has called for a legally-binding agreement that will protect residents from AM.