A NEW community bus service running between the west end of Darlington and the town centre is now in operation.

The ‘Pink Bus’ – so called because of its bright pink paintwork – was set up by eVOLution, the West End Partnership and Scarlet Band to address the transport needs of residents in the west end of Darlington after services were cut.

It is being funded by the Department for Transport’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund and Community Transport Grant, and eVOLution was awarded £43,500 to implement the service over the next two years.

Operating as the 16/16A, the Pink Bus runs between the west end of Darlington and the town centre, and beyond to Harrowgate Hill – serving Glebe Road, Laburnum Road and Mayfair Road.

Scarlet Band will use a low floor accessible vehicle and operate a ‘hail and ride’ system on parts of the route, making the service more accessible and convenient for passengers.

An official launch for event to celebrate the new service will take place on Friday afternoon where pink edible treats will be handed out to passengers.