A YOUNG boy and girl who both underwent life-saving transplants as babies are now best friends.

Tegan Ross and Lennox Nicholson both underwent separate liver swap operations seven years ago.

Seven-year-old Tegan, from Darlington survived a ten-hour long liver transplant in 2006 and now says she is 'feeling great'.

The seven-year-old is best friends with Lennox Nicholson, also seven, from Guisborough, who had his operation in December 2005.

Both underwent transplants at St. James's University Hospital is in Leeds, also known as 'Jimmy's'.

The youngsters’ families were brought together through their similar experiences at the same hospital.

After the seventh anniversary of Tegan’s transplant on February 1, her family has stressed the importance of signing up to become an organ donor.

Her mother, Michelle Davidson, 27, said: “Tegan’s transplant’s been a great success. It’s vital for people to go on the register.

“Our family’s still great friends with Simon and Amy, Lennox’s parents, and we regularly visit them in Guisborough.

“Tegan and Lennox and his sister Lacey are big friends.

“I will always be so grateful to the mystery donor who saved her.”

Tegan said: “I’m feeling great and am doing fantastic.

“I like drawing and making cards for Lennox and his family.”

Ms Davidson added: “Tegan’s been given a new life thanks to the surgeons, nurses and the donor.”

Tegan was born on May 7, 2005 at Darlington Memorial Hospital and later diagnosed with biliary atresia - inflammation which can fatally damage the liver’s bile ducts.

An unsuccessful operation to correct the condition meant she was put on the transplant list and had her lifesaving operation.

For more information about the NHS Organ Donor Register, call 0300-123-2323.