CRIME reduction in Stockton will be a priority for a new Special Constabulary Superintendent.

Scott Pearson, 27, has been appointed to lead the town’s Special Constabulary officers in their battle to fight crime and anti social behaviour.

Secondary school teacher Mr Pearson, who became a volunteer police officer in Middlesbrough five years ago, will support other officers in Stockton with important events, extra patrols and other operations.

He said: “It’s an exciting prospect to be leading volunteer policing across Stockton and I’m confident that we can help to make a positive impact on reducing crime levels even further.

“I really enjoy being a Special Constable and feel like I am spending my free time doing something worthwhile and rewarding. I originally became a volunteer officer when a friend recommended that I apply and I have never looked back.

“It’s taught me about how truly vulnerable some people within society can be and also the positive difference that the police and other agencies can make to these lives.”

Stockton District Commander, Superintendent Alastair Simpson, said: “The Special Constabulary has made a positive impact on policing in Stockton and in keeping our communities safer.

“They dedicate their own free time to doing what is an emotive and often dangerous job and deserve to be heralded for their important voluntary work.

“I am pleased to be working alongside Scott and other special constables and look forward to further reducing crime and antisocial behaviour throughout Stockton.

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