A WEIGHT-LIFTING competition has raised £150 for charity.

The event, on Saturday (January 26), took place at Muscle City, a new gym due to open fully in Darlington next month.

About 25 people took part in the competition, with gym owner Kieran Meredith saying some potential competitors may have been put off by the snow.

The competitors each paid £5 entry, with the gym’s owners topping up the amount raised in aid of military charity Help for Heroes.

Leon Williams, from Darlington, was the winner after scoring the most points by bench-pressing his own weight (75 kg) a total of 28 times.

He also completed 21 pull-ups and scored the fastest time of 21 seconds in the farmers’ walk event – carrying his own body weight up and down a 20-metre track.

His prize was a selection of protein supplements and a trophy.