TWO people have been arrested after immigration officials swooped on takeaways in two North-East towns.

A 32-year-old Bangladeshi man was arrested on suspicion of immigration offences after officers from the UK Border Agency visited the Haandi Indian takeaway, in Victoria Road, Darlington, on Thursday (January 24) evening.

Meanwhile, officers also visited the Dine at Home takeaway, in Murray Street, Darlington, and detained a second man, also a 32-year-old from Bangladesh.

The Hartlepool restaurant was also issued with a civil penalty notice, meaning its owners have 30 days to prove they are not assisting suspected illegal immigrants.

Wallace Wilson, deputy director of the UK Border Agency, said: “Illegal working exploits some of society’s most vulnerable people. It also undercuts traders who ply an honest trade.

“We use information from the public and welcome genuine and detailed information about suspected illegal working. We also have the resources to carry out action as a result of this intelligence.

“If you are an employer and choose to use illegal labour we will find you and take strong action.”