Dog lover appeals for help to bring amputee Siberian Huskies to UK

2:41pm Friday 25th January 2013

By Ashley Barnard

A DOG lover is appealing to members of the public to help bring two abused Siberian Huskies to the UK from Turkey, where they are both recovering from leg amputations.

Kia and Jasper are currently in foster care in Fethiye, Turkey, but with the help of other animal charities, Brompton-on-Swale resident Carol Holbrook wants to bring them to the UK where they will have a better chance of being successfully re-homed.

But Mrs Holbrook, who regularly fundraises for Animal Aid Fethiye, which is currently looking after the dogs, said the cost of bringing them to England is £1,800.

She said: “When I heard about Jasper and Kia it broke my heart and I wanted to do whatever I could to help.”

Both dogs had been hit by cars and were being treated by Animal Aid Fethiye, but while Kia was in recovery she was taken from her foster home and assaulted, which resulted in the need to remove her leg.

Jasper also suffered a broken leg which was repaired numerous times but eventually had to be amputated, after it is believed someone removed the expensive metal plates from his leg when he escaped from the vet centre.

Mrs Holbrook said without help from charity Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England (BDRNE) she would not have known where to start.

“I have been helping with some recent fundraising for BDRNE and went to them for advice, and they spread the word on Facebook and set up a website,” she said.

“They advised me to call all rescue and re-homing centres in England - and finally I got in touch with Siberian Husky Aid Rescue Education (SHARE) who were willing to help.

“I was told if I could raise the money to bring them into the country they would take care of them before a loving home could be found.”

So far the website has raised £622 after only a week online.

“We have had £2 to £50 and from people as far as America – but none of this would be happening without the help from everyone involved.”

To donate or follow Kia and Jasper’s story visit


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