A NORTH Yorkshire beer inspired by Monty Python’s classic Holy Grail film has become a West End smash – after fans of the cult TV comedy troupe drank the bar dry at performances of the hit show Spamalot.

Managers at the Black Sheep Brewery, Masham, and the Playhouse Theatre were taken aback at the popularity of Holy Grail, a brew which was put on sale especially for Spamalot’s residency at the venue.

In the first two weeks alone, Python fans wiped out the theatre’s supply of the bottled beer, which is produced by Black Sheep in Masham.

Now the brewery has had to rush emergency shipments to the theatre, in London’s Northumberland Street, to keep the bar stocked.

Brewery chairman Paul Theakston said: “For Holy Grail to have been so enthusiastically embraced by the Spamalot audience is wonderful.

“Spamalot and Holy Grail are a perfect combination for comedy and beer fans and we are looking forward to keeping supplies coming throughout the show’s residency at the Playhouse Theatre.”

Theatre manager Dean Stewart added: “We decided to stock the iconic beer because of its links with Monty Python and it seems theatre-goers have really embraced it.

“Thanks to the extra deliveries we are now fully stocked, ensuring customers can enjoy a bottle during future performances of Spamalot.”