A CATTERICK Garrison primary school held a day celebrating its diverse culture with traditional dancing and food from around the world.

Carnagill Community Primary School launched its Planet Earth theme by inviting children to dress in traditional clothes from countries around the world and bring in foods from different cultures.

Headteacher Craig Brown said: “The day went really well – especially considering we had been closed because of the snow for two days beforehand.

“We had hula dancing demonstrations and Fijian food from local chef Ellie Tuvotu and Nepalese dancers showing their skills.

“It all really inspired the children to try something new and the girls and boys in my class ended the day with a dance off with moves they taught themselves.

“There was a lot of learning going on without them realising which is great because it gets them excited for the new spring term theme.”

He added: “We are very fortunate to have such a wide variety of children from different heritages at our school.”