A TEACHER is looking forward to her 15 minutes of fame after taking part in a popular television game show.

Emily Elliott, an ICT teacher at Hummersknott Academy, in Darlington, will be appearing on BBC One’s Pointless in the coming weeks with her mother, Sue Elliott-Lyall.

After being chosen to feature in the show following an audition in Newcastle in October, the self-confessed game show fans headed to the iconic BBC Television Centre in London to record the show in December.

The aim of the programme, presented by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, is for each pair of contestants to come up with obscure answers to a range of broad general knowledge questions in a bid to score the fewest points as possible.

Those with the fewest points go through to the next round, and a contestant who guesses a pointless answer in the final wins the game and takes home the jackpot.

Miss Elliott, who has been teaching at Hummersknott Academy for eight years, said: “It was dead exciting as we are really big fans of the show.

“We met both the presenters and my mum gave them a couple of scarves she had knitted with their faces on. They seemed to like them!”

The 39-year-old also managed to guess a Pointless answer, which added £250 to the overall jackpot £21,000.

“All the answers you don’t go with because they seem too daft are always the ones which are pointless answers, so I decided to go with my gut feeling, and it worked,” she said.

Pointless is shown on BBC One every weekday at 5.15pm.