A RESCUE dog has been enjoying the snow more than most – because he’s allergic to grass.

Labrador cross Buster is often kept indoors because of his condition, which causes his skin to flare up whenever he comes into contact with grass, weeds and trees.

The eight-year-old was taken in by the Dogs Trust Darlington, based at Sadberge, in 2008, where staff discovered his allergy after noticing that he became stressed whenever he went near grass.

Heavy snow often gives Buster his only chance to enjoy the outdoors and go out on long walks with other dogs at the kennels and his carers.

Buster is usually taken to the beach for his exercise, and the Dogs Trust is looking for a family who live near the seaside, or year-round snow, to give him a loving and healthy home.

Paula Boyden, Dogs Trust veterinary director, said: “Buster’s condition is atopy, which can be likened to hayfever in humans. Whereas humans with grass allergies sneeze, atopy manifests itself as a skin condition in dogs.

"This can range from mild irritation to intense itching. The severity of Buster’s condition is unusual as he cannot walk on grass without medication but fortunately the snow provides a protective layer.

"In addition to being on medication, Buster will need careful managing to try and prevent his condition flaring up.”

Julie Keenan, Dogs Trust Darlington assistant manager, added: "Buster is an affectionate, fun-loving lad who would make the perfect family pet in the right home."

Buster is on a part foster scheme, which means the cost of treatment for his allergies will be covered by the Dogs Trust.

Anyone interested in giving Buster a home should call the rehoming centre on 01325-333114 or visit the centre at Hill House Farm, in Sadberge.