A WALKABOUT around Lingfield has been carried out by police and councillors to check for any obvious issues affecting the area.

The environmental visual audit was attended by the local PC and PCSO, ward councillors, and Darlington Borough Council staff from the anti-social behaviour, enforcement and housing teams.

The audit reported some fly-tipping and rubbish lying around, but noted that the area as a whole was in a good state.

The group flagged up the rear of Hundens Lane as an area that has attracted fly-tipping, due to its close proximity to some waste land which has been fenced off for a number of years.

To tackle the issue the enforcement officers regularly patrol the area along with police who report any incidents of fly-tipping to the council.

Residents are asked to report any suspicious vehicles/persons in the area and make notes of registrations.

The audit group have suggested that in future there should be more regular patrols of the area by officers and asking residents not to put their bins out too early as it increases the risk of bags being slashed or emptied by animals.

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