A BREAKDANCING troupe taught enthusiastic school pupils their best hip hop moves at a lively workshop today (Wednesday, January 23).

Dynamic street dancers Bad Taste Cru from Newcastle visited Sedgefield Community College in County Durham as part of the school’s cultural enrichment programme and impressed youngsters with their energetic moves.

It is the second time the group has led a workshop at the school but, this time, the number of participants had doubled, with boys and girls from all year groups taking part.

Dance teacher Stacey Arrowsmith said it was wonderful to see so many children dancing and enjoying themselves, adding: “We have got a lot more boys this time, which is great. Bad Taste Cru are excellent with the kids. ”

Sedgefield Community College encourages dance as a form of exercise, with all key stage three pupils attending regular dance classes and older children given the option to study for a dance BTEC.

As well as breakdancing, the youngsters are taught a range other of disciplines, including rock ‘n’ roll and ballet.

Jennifer Pearson, 12, and Rhys Piercy, 13, said the workshop had been great fun.

“It has been really good and a chance to learn new steps,” said Rhys. “I think it is also good exercise as it improves your strength.”

Jennifer added: “I like dancing and I think breakdancing is really exciting.”