GRAFFITI artists have met their match as Darlington’s Town Rangers continue an operation to rid the town of unsightly scrawls.

In the last week the team of four rangers have cleared around 50 graffiti signatures, or ‘tags’, from town centre buildings as part of their efforts to make Darlington a cleaner place.

Alex Swan, manager of Distinct Darlington which co-ordinates the rangers, said the response from the public had been fantastic.

She said: “There have been lots of comments from the public who have been thanking the rangers for their efforts and a lot of people have noticed that the town centre is a lot cleaner than it was prior to the rangers starting.”

The rangers were introduced last summer after a majority of town centre retailers voted to make Darlington a Business Improvement District (BID).

They are part funded by a levy on retailers within the BID and their other tasks include street cleaning, advising visitors and gritting town centre streets when required.

Traders and members of the public can call the rangers on 07921-393192 to report graffiti within the BID, while details of large scale graffiti jobs should be reported to the council.