A CURRY war will take place in Darlington next month as soldiers, Gurkhas and army caterers prepare for a big curry cook off.

The charity event will see three teams battle it out in a marquee in the Market Square to determine whether Gurkhas, soldiers or members of army caterers Sodexo are hot stuff when it comes to cooking the perfect curry.

Paper plates served with a portion of each team’s curry will be sold to the public for £5 and they will be invited to throw their used plate into one of three bins relating to the teams depending on which cooked their favourite meal.

Michelin starred chef Kenny Atkinson is also supporting the event by giving cookery demonstrations from a trailer and the cadets will bring along their climbing wall.

Music will be provided by the Army School of Ceremonial.

The big curry cook off is in aid of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and Stop Hunger and takes place on Saturday, February 16 between 11.45am and 2.30pm.