A PROUD father has beaten the odds by sharing his birthday with his two daughters.

When Damion (CORR) Allinson became a dad for the first time in 2000 he thought it was a strange coincidence that daughter Molly was born on January 16 - his birthday.

But 13 years on, it's happened again with the arrival of Maddie Lee Allinson.

Maddie entered the world at 4pm last Wednesday tipping the scales at 7lb 5oz.

As a result January 16 will always be a triple birthday celebration for Mr Allinson, Molly and Maddie.

Maddie was due on January 5, but when that date came and went, thoughts inevitably turned to the chances of a January 16 birth.

Mr Allinson's partner, Julie Jarrett, 25, was booked into James Cook University Hospital for Friday January 18, but Maddie came early.

And after a low heart rate prompted an emergency Caesarian, she was born, safe and well, on her dad and sister's birthday.

As well as Maddie, Julie is mother to Ellie, four.

Julie said: "As soon as we got past January 5, I had a feeling she might be born on the 16th.

"I was booked in for the 18th, but she decided to come two days early."

Unemployed painter and decorator Mr Allinson, 41, of Blakey Close, Redcar, said his girls were 'the best birthday presents ever'.

"We'll save a lot of money on parties!" he said.