TALENTED six-year-old Natalia Mulholland has achieved an extremely rare feat by winning top marks in a national dance exam.

The youngster, who attends the Rachel Coad School of Dance on Victoria Road, has been dancing since she was three and recently took her Preparatory Acrobatic assessment, accredited by the British Theatre Dance Association.

She earned top marks in every category, an achievement that Miss Coad has only seen three times in over a decade of dance teaching.

Miss Coad said: “It is a fantastic achievement, especially considering her age.

“She is a very talented little girl, we have lots of talented girls here and they make me a very proud dance teacher.”

Natalia’s mum Kelly Medcalf added: “I couldn’t believe it when I opened the letter and saw she got 100 per cent.

“I actually started crying! I’m just so proud of her.”