A STREET ranger has been hailed a hero after helping a teenager who collapsed in the street.

Martin Laws rushed to the aid of the 16-year-old after he collapsed in High Row, in Darlington, suffering from an asthma attack.

Mr Laws, a member of Distinct Darlington business improvement scheme, called for an ambulance and comforted the boy until paramedics arrived.

Andy Shaw, from Darlington Borough Council’s Street Scene team, who was passing by when the incident happened, also gave the boy his jacket to keep warm.

Mr Laws said: “I just acted how I am expected to in my job.

"I’m glad the lad had assistance in order to ensure he had a quick recovery from what must have been a distressing experience.

“The rangers are here to help in the town centre and if anyone finds themselves in a similar situation, I would urge them to not hesitate to stop one of us as we are all trained to deal with first aid.”