The refurbishement of a village hall's toilets has been completed thanks to a £6,640 donation.

The scheme to upgrade Woodland village hall has being running for several years.

Banks Renewables, of Bishop Auckland, made the donation allowing work to be completed on the toilets.

Dora Robinson, a member of the management committee, said: “We’d managed to refurbish a lot of the building over the last few years.

“But we hadn’t been able to include the gent’s toilets in this programme, with the result that it has deteriorated quite badly.

“Not only has the refurbishment work improved the facilities in themselves, it has also made the hall’s front entrance look much more appealing.”

The hall was opened in 1891 and it acts as a hub for a wide range of groups and activities.

Mark Dowdall, environment and community director at the Banks Group, said: “Places like Woodland village hall play an invaluable role at the heart of many rural communities across our region.

“Supporting them by backing projects such as this is central to our development with care approach.”