A couple are taking advantage of a once in a century opportunity to get married at noon on 12.12.12.

Anne Poole and Ian Cuthbertson are tying the knot today (Wednesday, December 12) - at 12 noon on the 12th day of the 12th month, 2012.

Ian, 44, an engineer, has a love of memorable dates and proposed to Anne, his partner of six years, on Christmas Day last year.

Anne, 40, a stay-at-home mum who has three children with Ian and a fourth from her previous marriage, decided to get married on 12.12.12 while handing in her divorce papers.

She said: "I saw the register office and thought I'd book my wedding.

"No other date is memorable to us really, I just thought there's never going to be another date like this this century."

Darlington and Stockton Times: anne poole and family

But Anne's plan was almost ruined when she was told that staff at the register office take their lunch at noon.

She added: "The registrar was brilliant.

"She said they weren't supposed to book it for that time, the last wedding they normally do is 11.30am.

"But they had a chat and moved their lunch break for me."

Barbara Schweitzer, deputy registration services manager at Middlesbrough Register Office, said: "It was such a special time and date for this couple we were happy to make sure they could celebrate their historic wedding day."

Anne and Ian, of Billingham, will celebrate their special day with children, Lewis, 13, Mica, five, and twins Liam and Evan, four.

But the couple will have to delay any honeymoon plans.

Anne is cub scout leader for the 2nd Billingham Scouts and had already booked tickets to take 60 cub scouts to see that ice panto at Billingham Forum that night.