POLICE are warning motorists they are prepared to arrest more people than ever during this year’s festive drink and drug campaign as people continue to ignore their warnings.

Officers have arrested 43 people since the Christmas crackdown began on Saturday, December 1, despite repeated warnings about potential dangers and possible repercussions linked to driving under the influence.

Police have been out in force on the roads of North Yorkshire and York since the campaign began and have breathalysed 1597 motorists.

Of the 43 motorists arrested on suspicion of drink or drug driving so far, 21 have been charged and face losing their licences before the end of the year.

Traffic Sergeant Pete Stringer, of North Yorkshire Police, said: “It is very disappointing that some people still choose to ignore our pleas not to put lives in danger by getting behind the wheel while impaired through drink and drugs.

“I want people to know that we will continue breathalysing people and making arrests in order to keep our communities safe this Christmas.

“Remember when you’re out, so are the police. If you’ve had a drink and get behind the wheel they will be looking for you and you are likely to get caught - don’t take the risk.”