A TEAM of night marshalls will be out in force this month as they continue their fight against after-dark crime in Northallerton.

The team patrol the town centre every Friday and Saturday night from 10pm until 4am, when licensed premises are at their busiest.

In the year since the Hambleton and Richmondshire Community Safety Partnership initiative was launched, marshalls have dealt with a variety of incidents of violence and anti-social behaviour.

Inspector Neil Northend said: “Over the past year the night marshalls have been well accepted in Northallerton. They have been instrumental in diffusing sometimes volatile situations at an early stage which then allows police officers to attend other priority incidents.”

He added: “They have worked with and assisted police on numerous occasions which have led to arrests and offenders being positively dealt with by the police, particularly those involved in alcohol related incidents connected with Northallerton’s night time economy.”

The team patrol in Northallerton town, Bullamoor Memorial Park and the Applegarth car park – and also helped police and event organisers by patrolling Northallerton May Fair.

*The marshalls have no power of arrest and are directed by the police at all times. They carry radio handsets which link them to the CCTV control room and are employed by Professional Security in Leeds, which employs more than 2,500 trained, accredited and licensed security personnel.