MORE than 350 people in the Redcar area have pledged to quit smoking in three months after a “Pack in the Fags” website was launched.

The site supports smokers who would like to stop by directing them to a local NHS Stop Smoking service – and monitors their progress over a four-week period.

Once a smoker has pledged their quit attempt on the website they are offered support from local NHS services, including information, advice and nicotine replacement therapy.

After four weeks of being smoke-free the local stop smoking service will confirm this by asking the client to do a simple breath test which measures carbon monoxide – one of the poisonous chemicals found in cigarette smoke. Then when the smoker has confirmed they have quit they are entered into a competition to win an iPad and also given £40 to donate to the organisation which supported them.

More than 70 Teesside organisations and charities are registered on the site to support people to become smoke-free.

For further information about Pack in the Fags visit