THE CITY of York Council has warned it is likely to have to cut 220 jobs in the next few years.

In an e-mail sent to staff, chief executive of the authority, Kersten England, said the council will lose an extra two per cent of funding in 2014 / 15 on top of reductions it is already facing, following Chancellor George Osborne’s autumn statement yesterday.

The council needs to save £9m next year and £12m in 2014/15. In order to help make these savings, the council calculates it will have to cut 100 jobs in 2013/14 and 120 the following year.

Ms England said the council will do everything it can to avoid compulsory redundancies, such as leaving vacancies unfilled, voluntary redundancies, retraining and redeployment and holding talks with other York employers to see if jobs would be available for council staff.