SCHOOLCHILDREN took a step back to Tudor times when medieval minstrel Dante Ferrara paid them a visit.

Pupils at Pickhill Primary School, near Thirsk, dressed as kings, queens, knights, princes and princesses to learn about Tudor music, song and entertainment.

The musician Dante Ferrara demonstrated a range of renaissance instruments, including the lute, the guitar, the colascione and the rare tromba marina, as well as entertaining children with stories of sixteenth century healthcare, sanitation, courtship and dental hygiene! His CDs include Bassadanza and Bazimakoo.

The children also learnt a dance and took part in a ballad.

Earlier in the day pupils enjoyed a banquet of hassleback potatoes and hog and apple parcel, prepared by school chef Nicola Mitchell.

Headteacher Christine Gabbott said: “Dante Ferrara’s enthusiasm for this period of history brought the children’s studies to life. The children sang and danced and they were enthralled by his lively stories of life in Tudor times.”