A WOMAN has told how she spent a year doing missionary work in a hospital in Bangladesh.

Heather O’Neill, 40, a physiotherapist, spoke at the Baptist Tabernacle, on Corporation Road, in Darlington, about her visit to Bangladesh earlier this year.

She spoke to the group about her motivation for going to the country as a missionary and some of her experiences while working in a small hospital.

She said: “At times over there it was scary and pretty lonely. At times I thought I’m not sure if I’m even meant to be here, but I was able to rely on the fact that God had called me there.”

Ms O’Neill worked with the Lamb Project, which includes a hospital, a school and a training and research centre, serving a population of one million people, with only 150 beds and 650 staff.

She said: “The people are incredibly poor. A lot of people live on £1 a day. People do struggle to survive.

“I’m thinking of a summer visit next year of about two weeks, but you can’t get much done in that time. I just can’t forget what I saw.

“I want to say that you can help at any age. Some of the missionaries there are retired. If people can give a few months, even a few weeks of their time it is very much appreciated.”

For more information on the Lamb Project go to lambproject.org