COUNCILLORS are to ask the highways officers to re-examine parts of a major new junction in Darlington after concerns were raised by motorists.

The bus priority scheme for North Road, in Darlington, opened in September after months of work to remodel the junction, with the aim of improving traffic flow on one of the town’s busiest routes.

After monitoring the new junction for several weeks, the ward members for North Road - Fred Lawton, Alan Macnab and Anne-Marie Curry - said that although they are happy with the junction in many respects, there are a few niggles that they want to see ironed out.

A spokeswoman for Darlington Borough Council said new scheme appeared to be working well, but that it had been expected that small issues would arise once it became operational.

Councillors Macnab, Curry and Lawton have been collecting comments about the new junction, which involves Whessoe Road and Albert Road, to see where changes could be made.

The main cause for concern appears to be the new position of the bus stop outside Morrisons supermarket, which is now closer to the junction and can cause traffic to back up.

Coun Lawton said: “Residents have told us that the new scheme is a good idea, but the implementation is not great in places. When things change, people don’t always accept the change.

“Some of the things people bring up are things they will just have to get used to.”

Coun Macnab added: “The siting of the bus stop outside Morrisons is the real issue we think. We’ve all seen up to three buses waiting to drop people off but the barriers mean that only one bus can unload at once and it’s causing a real problem with the traffic.

“We are feeling positive about working with highways to iron out a few niggles, most of which we think can be solved easily.”

A council spokeswoman said: “The scheme has been fully operational for a number of weeks and early signs are that it is working well in terms of improved traffic flow.

“However, there may be issues that become more obvious once it is operational.

“We are happy to meet with the councillors once they have gathered more information and we look forward to working towards a satisfactory outcome for all concerned.”

Anyone who would like to add to the councillors’ list of comments can email or contact the council’s highways team on 01325-388799 or e-mail