‘BRIDGES’ will be the theme of a popular summer carnival next year.

The committee of the Darlington Community Carnival met at the Dolphin Centre this week (November 27) to elect new members and choose the artistic theme for the procession at the 2013 event.

It was agreed that ‘bridges’ should be the artistic theme, with the Lindisfarne Gospels being the only other suggestion mooted at the meeting.

Treasurer Gloriana Morehead, who chaired the meeting in the absence of committee chairwoman Jackie Maddison, said: “I like the theme because there are different interpretations; it could be bridges as in bridges in the literal sense, or bridges and links between people, anything that you like.

“We often find that once the artists get involved, the theme spreads out more fully.”

There were fears that the carnival, which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, could be axed following the closure of Darlington Arts Centre which was used as its base, but the committee is determined that it will continue.

Fundraising has already started for the 2013 event and carnival committee members will be bidding for grants to secure up to £19,000 needed to stage the festival.

The event involves community groups and artists working on costumes and props in the build up to the carnival which features a procession through the town centre and numerous outdoor stalls, fairground rides and street entertainment.