A WOMAN whose husband’s serious illness inspired her to write a book, has had it published.

Rosalind Clarke, from Potto in North Yorkshire, began writing Golondrina, the Guardian Angel when her husband Gordon Clarke was in hospital having a major heart bypass a year ago.

It is based on a dialogue between two angels assigned to look after the central character, based on her husband, who discuss their intervention throughout his life and interesting episodes he experienced.

It is the first book Mrs Clarke has written. “My husband had a major heart bypass which was unexpected and it was quite dramatic,” said Mrs Clarke.

“The very night after he had an operation was quite a traumatic day and at 4.30am I woke up and had a very clear idea of what to write.

“I wrote most of it when my husband was in hospital, often in the early hours of the morning. It definitely helped me through that difficult time.”

She then continued to write the book with the encouragement of her husband.

The book is available from Waterstones in Northallerton and five per cent of all proceeds from the book will go to the British Heart Foundation.